Webster-Buyse Cat Page

A pictorial retrospective of the special felines who have enriched our lives by graciously consenting to share theirs with us.

Percy and Claudia (Buyse) : 1971-1983/1971-1984
British Blue; Rochester/Ithaca, NY


Gato (Buyse) : 197?-1983
Tortie; San Francisco


Blanca (Webster) : 1980 – 1995
Odd-Eyed White; Rochester/Scarsdale, NY/Hanover, NH


Henry (Webster) : 19?? – 1982
Orange Tabby; Rochester


Molly (Buyse-Webster) : 1983 – 1999
Gray Tortie; Boston/Ann Arbor/Houston


Stanley (Buyse-Webster) : 1982 – 1992
Orange Tabby; Boston


Orson (Webster-Buyse) : b. 1992
Orange Tabby; Boston/Providence


Snarf (Webster) : 1989-2007
Domestic Shorthair; Rochester/Ann Arbor/Houston


Duncan : (b. 1999)
Domestic Shorthair, Houston


Zoe and Nora : (b. Oct. 23 2008)
Born to a stray adopted by Robert and Patty Moeling. Two of the most gentle, good-natured cats imaginable, these sweet sisters brightened our lives as a delightful duo from Christmas, 2008 until February 7, 2012. That day Nora suddenly suffered feline cardiomyopathy, a huge surprise because she was so young. Her bereaved sister was depressed for months, but now has a new companion, Cora, whom we found nine months later at a no-kill shelter’s adoption display at Petsmart. Remarkably, Cora had been born the day Nora died, and looks/acts almost exactly like her!


Luke : (b. 2010)
Appeared on our doorstep as a skinny, frightened 3-month-old and became our “foster child” for the next four months.  Now known as “Ink,” he is living happily on a ranch near Austin and loves playing with his best friend, a black and white border collie named Blackie.


Cora: (b. 2012)
Cora was a beloved member of our family for almost two years. When Zoe suddenly began attacking her for no apparent reason we learned from a veterinarian that cats who are approached aggressively, even through a closed window or glass door, can turn on their domestic feline companion(s) in a classic case of transferral. We have occasional seen stray tomcats in our yard and have glass-paned doors, so we suspect that is the explanation for Zoe’s disturbing behavior. Cora’s previously good life had become miserable to the point that we, with heavy hearts, called Friends for Life. This wonderful Houston-based,  no-kill shelter with which we had signed an adoption contract immediately made room for Cora and we are hoping that she will find the forever home she deserves.