Family Life

My husband and I live with our cats, Duncan, Cora, and Zoe, in Houston on a quiet street near Rice University. Our work commute is a 7-minute walk to the Shepherd School of Music, and we enjoy hosting post-concert parties and other gatherings for students and colleagues. We also enjoy swimming in  Rice University’s outdoor pool (refreshing at all times of the year!) and walking  the Perimeter, a well-maintained, easy-on-the-knees, 3-mile path that circumnavigates the campus. When time permits, we like cooking together; vegetarian dishes are special favorites. I particularly enjoy nurturing nurture houseplants, all of which can live outside on our deck in Houston’s mild climate. Other shared hobbies include hiking, travel, languages, and cats. Check out our Webster-Buyse Cat page!

Although the moniker “stepmother” may often have a negative connotation, my husband’s three wonderful sons have redefined that job description and blessed my life in countless ways. For example, the original version of this webpage couldn’t have happened without the work of Brian, a Rice computer science major who is now an independent software developer. (Check out his highly useful products, iPhoto Library Manager and Power Tunes, at In addition, my husband and I are fortunate to have ten fabulous nieces and nephews (counting their spouses),  four great nephews, two great nieces, three gifted godsons, and two absolutely lovely daughters-in-law.

My extended family includes not only the dozens of students and former students who take the time to keep in touch, but also our incredibly generous Japanese friends, Shigetaka and Chizuko Sawa of Yokohama, and their sons, Taka and Michi.